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Marketing Plan Identification

Prepare a paper identifying the market segmentation for your product and/or service. Conduct a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends) analysis on your product and/or service and analyze the factors as they apply to the Marketing Plan paper. I just need help with the threats. The product is below.


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Thanks for posting today. Hopefully, we can give you some ideas of what threats you might face.

When it comes to threats, I tend to see competitors, government regulations/taxes, and legal concerns (ie, liability).

Let's look at competitors. In the area, you have ALOT of them. Here's a brief list I found by pulling up Google:

"A. Potomac Concierge - www.potomacconcierge.com - (240) 274-1833 - More
B. Its Your Time - www.itsyourtimenova.com - (571) 217-6105 - More
C. A Plus Errand Services - maps.google.com - (301) 309-3722 - More
D. Best Errand Services - maps.google.com - (703) 542-7630 - More
E. h2o, inc - www.h2osimplicityoflife.com - (410) 591-8128 - More
F. Superior Couriers LLC - maps.google.com - (202) 397-5861 - More
G. Evans Errand Services - maps.google.com - (240) 296-0817 - ...