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    Interational Marketing

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    Questions below and case included for reference.
    1. Analyze Lenovo's global marketing strategies.

    2. What is your recommendation for Lenovo branding? What other challenges face Lenovo? What do you recommend?

    3. Generalizing from Lenovo, comment on the importance of branding, product line policy and global marketing in a global business.

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    1. Analyze Lenovo's global marketing strategies.

    Lenovo's global marketing strategies are important. Here is what they have done with their company. Their distribution process includes going from their company to the wholesaler, retailer, and then eventually the consumer. They do their discount through Wal-Mart as their retailer. One area worth noting is that they do direct selling from their organization to the consumer. No indirect selling is taking place, all of it is direct. With this business, they work with China and globally. The company is seeking to increase their value brand by other assets: patents, channel, relationships and so forth; brand loyalty, perceived quality, and name awareness. This is accomplished through promotion and advertisement, cultural association, innovative promotional strategy, delivering quality products, augmented services, customer relationship, delivering maximum possible satisfaction. Lenovo is adapting because English is not native to the Chinese, and they are making software for those in China that can easily be used. Diversification is important because it gives them business strength and industry attractiveness. Their goal is to make wireless pc services and cell phone printers a strength with their company. In time, the organization wants to merge with IBM and HP and cell phone carriers. ...

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    This solution analyzed Lenovo's global marketing strategy, recommendations for branding, challenges, and comments on the importance of branding.