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    Globalization & Strategic Planning in Dell

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    1. What is Dell Computers' current situations? Perform a brief SWOT analysis of Dell in order to understand its current situation. SWOT stands for Strengths & Weakness, which are internal to the company, and Opportunities and Threats, which are external and part of the external environment.

    2. Which are some of the main strategies that Michael Dell has developed in order to succeed again, given the new business landscape? Identify 2 or 3 strategies and define them in terms of the company and external analysis.

    3. What are some restructuring (reorganizing) elements Dell has utilized to turn his company around? Identify 2 and explain them.

    4. Will Dell Computers be successful again? There is no good answer. Your answer, if well argued, is the good one.

    Please elaborate on each question two or more paragraphs. Please identify where information came from so that I can further research.

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    Globalization & Strategic Planning - Dell Inc.

    Current Situation - SWOT Analysis

    Dell computers had developed a completely different strategy than most other computer manufacturers. They combined just-in-time manufacturing with just-in-time ordering. They did business is in a way that had a three pronged approach. They partnered with suppliers and customers, and designed their computers in a way that made all three seem a part of the same organizational team. Build to order Manufacturing and Mass Customization allowed them to keep their costs down, their quality up, and their computers fit the needs of their customers. On the downside, "Dell's supply-chain story is no longer the competitive advantage that it once was". (http://www.znet.com)

    - Strengths:
    Top service
    Latest technology
    Continue brand building and skill upgrading
    (e.g., in-house R&D)

    - Weaknesses:
    Attract college students
    Attract home users
    Leverage its distinctive competencies

    - Opportunities:
    Growing home pc use
    Increase foreign market share-global expansion
    Internet sales
    Develop/acquire systems and service
    Complementing product development with
    market development

    - Threats:
    Intense competition
    Uncertain global pc outlook

    SWOT Analysis of Dell Computers
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis Gwendolyn ...

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