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    Swot Analysis for UPS

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    Research UPS and conduct a SWOT analysis.

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    Hello Student,

    Before you conduct your research of UPS, the first thing that you may want to take note of is, what really is a SWOT Analysis? To answer this question you may note the following excerpt:

    "A scan of the internal and external environment within an organization is an important part of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strengths (S) or weaknesses (W), and those external to the firm can be classified as opportunities (O) or threats (T). Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a swot analysis." Source: http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/swot/

    It is very important for firms to conduct swot analysis as it "provides information that is helpful in matching a firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates." To clarify further, firms normally have as a part of there strategic plan, a set of objectives which they want to be achieved and as such, a swot analysis normally has to be done to determine whether or not these ...

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    This solution provides you with information about what a swot analysis is, the purpose of it and how its conducted. Important references and links are also provided in this solution which provides an illustration of a swot analysis done on UPS.