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Analysis of Court reporters business

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I need the following on court reporting industry.

1) SWOT analysis
2) Marketing strategies used in this industry
3) PEST analysis with respect to this industry
4) What advise can we give to the entrepreneur to succeed in this industry?
5) Porters 5 forces for this industry

Please do quote the sources.

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<br>1. Quick access to transcripts.
<br>2. Digital storingof supporting documents and realtime testimony.
<br>3. Standardized electronic transcripts and use of management software
<br>4. Online repositiory to search and purchase federal transcripts.
<br>5. A synergy of practice, litigation, courts, court reporting and wide client list.
<br>1. Lack of online access to Federal court transcripts.
<br>2. Lack of membership to prestigious nonprofit legal services organizations.
<br>3. High legal costs.
<br>4. High cost of case preparation.
<br>5. Low quality stenographer like reporting.
<br>1. Enterprise practice management solution easily done through internet.
<br>2. Online access to Federal court transcripts
<br>3. Standard technology for transcripts is accepted throughout the industry.
<br>4. Supply of fresh reporters from court reporter schools.
<br>5. Directories make possible online access to reporter resources.
<br>1. Danger of outsourcing abroad.
<br>2. Frequent breakdown of delivery system.
<br>3. Excessive competition from different legal firms.
<br>4. The trend of the big legal firms to establish their own reporting ...

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