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Benefits of an Organizational Evaluation and SWOT Analysis

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1. In what way are organizational evaluations positive? How are they negative?
2. In what ways are resource-based views of internal capabilities complementary to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analyses? Please include some examples to illustrate the discussion.

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This solution discusses the value of evaluations and SWOT analyses along with a resource-based understanding of the organization's position is given in 757 words with a source link included.

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Organizational evaluations are valuable because they show a company where it stands in terms of profit and loss, resource use, equipment and inventory records, failures, inputs and outputs. It also reviews the structure of the company and identifies problems in the interaction of the hierarchy and between the departments. Communication and technology issues can be identified and are more easily reviewed. The evaluations can help with solving problems by identifying the problem and helping to make strategic planning more efficient and effective over all. With each evaluation, more competencies can be accomplished and more cohesion in systems can be identified. From this, strategic planning can then move the company forward because the needs and concerns of the company are addressed. Resources are identified and put to more profitable use, if the evaluations are done correctly. If the company has created and maintains a set of standards the various departments and projects are evaluated against these standards. Timing is important. If an evaluation is done during a project where information is in flux, the evaluation could become skewed and departments could be seen as less ...

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