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Strategic Internet Marketing

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1) What role does leadership play in the e-business management value chain?

2) What role does collaboration play in the team process?

3) How do virtual companies differ from traditional ones?

4) Explain the importance of undertaking a SWOT analysis.

5) Explain and demonstrate how a business can evaluate and redesign a business model.

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Strategic Management:

Strategic management is the basis for an effective organization. Through strategic management, an organization can be able to understand its operations better and how they can be place to increase the profitability level of the organization. The efficiency of organization can be attained through strategic planning which will ensure that the entire workforce in the organization is working towards the same set strategic goals. The direction that the company will take will be assessed and adjusted to be in response to the changing business environment (The Value, 2010).

Leadership Roles in the E- Business Management of Value Chain:

Value chain is a model that business operations use by receiving raw commodities through various entities so as to increase the quality of the end product. The emergence of diverse information technologies have to lead to e-businesses operations in the world. The management of such business entities needs to be well planned so that the company can attain maximum benefits by using this new technology (The Value, 2010).

Leadership in the e-business management of value chain has the following significant roles; the synchronizing of the different units that are functioning within the organization. This will make the e-business to yield great returns for the organization. Through leadership the personnel in the organization can be aliened to suit the activities of this business operation that require the cooperation of the entire workforce. All the chain entities in the business operation have to be allocated qualified personnel. Through leadership, an understanding of how the different units relate to each other will be obtained and the .e-business will be placed in an effective manner that will maximize the potential of the company to attain great profits.

The Role That Collaboration Plays In the Team Process:

Using teams in the organization enables the different strengths that the individual workforce has to be put into a collective force that will benefit the organization Collaborating is the act of jointly placing the efforts of the team members to attain the objectives of the company. Incorporating the collaborative efforts in the team scenario will enable the team members to put all their unique ideas together to come up ...

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