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List and Describe the Four Different Approaches to Bargaining

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List and describe the four different approaches to bargaining (Distributive, Interest-based, Positional, Integrative), and give an example of a situation for each approach.

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of the four different approaches to bargaining. Additionally, the solution includes three reference sources for further research on the topic.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Bargaining Approaches in the attached file.



Bargaining Approaches
Each bargaining situation is unique and its uniqueness depends on the negotiators' personalities. Different bargaining approaches are as below:
Distributive Bargaining Approach: In this approach, the two parties' interests are viewed as being in conflict, which makes the negotiation process as a win-lose exercise bargaining approach (Holley, Jennings & Wolters, 2011, p. 257). In order to meet bargaining goals, there is finite amount of resources available to the parties and it is the reason that in this approach gains ...

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