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Characteristics you want in a dissertation chair & committee

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As you prepare for your upcoming Year 2 residency, take some time to think about the characteristics you want in a dissertation chair and in your committee members. Create and share a list of the top 3 things you hope to find in a chair, and the top 6 characteristics you hope to find between your 2 committee members. Explain your choices.

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Qualities in a chair:

1. Expert in area of intended dissertation
2. Generous with expertise, resources, and contacts (good mentor)
3. Accessible for assistance

Top six characteristics in committee members:

1. Works well with chair (no in-fighting)
2. Familiar with potential target journals
3. Motivating
4. Good writer/editor
5. Deep understanding of experimental design, especially in the techniques expected in dissertation
6. Interested in subject area of dissertation

The chair is the leader and so I would like a leader that can lead with deep technical knowledge and knowledge of the options ...

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Your tutorial is a 342 draft that should get you started thinking about the qualities that are typically desirable in a chair and committee. You can then tailor this to your particular project and personality by swapping out some of these for other attributes you find more appropriate. In any case, these will get you to think more deeply about the important issues in this decision.