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Legislative Action Letter for Texas in Health Sciences

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1. Identify a legislator for your state (Texas) to whom you can address the community/public health problem/concern you have identified.

2. Write a concise letter about the problem/concern inclusive of the following tips:
• Formal letter, with appropriate address for elected officials
• Limit to one page
• Introduce yourself and your background
• Concise overview of the health problem and the issues that concern you
• Clear and compelling rationale for your concern
• State specifically what you want done about it(vote on a pending bill, introduce a bill, support community action, etc.)
• Summary, conclusion

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Rep Chris Turner
TX legislator
Austin, TX

Rep. Turner:

I am affiliated with the Center to Champion Nursing in America and am writing about my health concerns of Texans. Specifically, I am hoping you will support legislation that protects those in Texas and bordering regions from bioterrorism and highly contagious communicable fatal diseases. The initiative has been staged for transforming the nursing profession, to improve the quality of health care and the way it is delivered. While we don't see an emergent need, preparation for man-made and natural disasters is critical for our future. Specifically, the front line service providers, nurses, need to be adequately prepared. We are aware of the aging population growth along with greater need ...

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A sample letter to a Texas legislator on an emergent health issue is discussed.