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Think of different supervisors you've worked for and analyze their managemen style

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Think of different supervisors you've worked for. If possible select two: one who shows what you believe are the best qualities of a good manager and one who shows the worst.

Write a description of each supervisor. Include in your answer a general description, the managers' style of management, and whether you believe the managers' style had a positive or negative affect on employees and the work environment. Give them fictitious names. Consider using the following terms where they apply.

clearly focused on task
unfocused on task
macro manager

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Years ago, I taught biology at a university in Texas. My supervisor, the department chairman, was a zealous man who spoke what he thought. He wasn't afraid of the consequences of his actions as he felt that what he had to say needed to be said. His positive and confident approach inspired me to follow in his footsteps. In the end, he ...

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