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    P&G Consumer Products: Reinforcement Strategy

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    Since many of P&G's consumer products are products used every day to satisfy customer needs, the company advertises frequently. However, the cost of advertising has increased dramatically over the years and P&G is concerned about the potential for copy wear-out and customer irritation due to overexposure. Propose a reinforcement strategy to help P&G maintain a desired level of awareness that is cost efficient and effective.

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    Reinforcement Strategy

    A well planned reinforcement strategy helps the organization to create awareness in customers about the products. Reinforcement strategy is also helpful for the organization to control the behavior of customers on particular products and services. In order to maintain desire level of awareness, P&G should use the positive reinforcement strategy. A positive reinforcement strategy refers to the positive control over behavior. Positive reinforcement increases the desirable behavior of customers by the offering alternative rewards system. With the help of reward system, organization can increase the frequency of the behavior of customers towards the particular products and services in effective manner (Dubrin, 2011).

    A positive reinforcement strategy will help the organization because it uses the money that forces the behavior of customers to purchase the particular product or services from a particular organization. According to ...

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    This solution proposes a reinforcement strategy to help Procter and Gamble to maintain a desired level of awareness that is cost-efficient and cost-effective.