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    Management in Oil and Gas Production

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    Cognitive Test - Decision Making

    Decision-making are becoming more common in the job application market and they are a good measurement of your thought processes such as are you a leader or follower? You are presented with 18 different situations that could occur in the workplace and there are a number of different solutions that could be used to solve this problem. There are four different options for you to choose from and you have to rate each of the options on a five grade scale with 1 being "counterproductive" and 5 being "highly effective". As well as rating each of the statements, you have to single out two of them, one being the one that you are most likely to do and the other being the one that you are least likely to do.

    There are 18 scenarios in total, each accompanied by four courses of action. For each scenario, you must assess the effectiveness of the four options by responding in two different ways.

    First, you must rate the effectiveness of each option in relation to the scenario using a 1 to 5 rating scale (1 = counterproductive; 2 = Ineffective; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Effective; 5 = highly effective). You must then select which option is "Most Effective" and which option is "Least Effective".


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    Step 1
    Please note that in this section the focus is on comparing data.
    1. A 2 B 5 C 3D 4 Most Effective B Least Effective A
    2. A 3 B 2 C 5 D 4 Most Effective C Least Effective B
    3. A 4 B 5 C2 D 3 Most Effective B Least Effective C
    Step 2
    You should focus in this section on persuasion and information gathering:
    4. A 2 B 4 C 3 D 5 Most Effective D Least Effective ...

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