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Create a general profile of a community.

Create a general profile of a community. Describe the following - type of people who live in the community, type of work the residents do, how and where members of the community interact (festivals, grocery stores, community events, and so forth)

Address the following questions in the profile:

How do you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community?
What are the community's responsibilities to the individuals?
As a member of this community, what do you think it means to be socially responsible?

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For this type of question, we can create an ideal community. The ideal community would have zero unemployment, productive workers, and no crime. The ideal community would have 100% socially responsible people, and children who are also raised to become socially responsible adults. The community would be filled with the typical goods and services, so the work performed by the residents would be the normal mix for a community. There would be grocery stores, gas stations, banks, drug stores, restaurants, clothing and various retail stores, and schools, a hospital, and other professional services, like physicians ...

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This solution discusses the creation of a general profile of a community. The types of people, work, interactions, and other variables are fully discussed.