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Using research in business

# 1
How can research help your organization save money?

# 2
If your company is facing a strategic problem, what type of information is needed to perform a needs assessment profile?

# 3
Should a company be pro-active or reactive in the use of research methodologies? Why?

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Research allows for companies to understand the facts of financial competition in many ways. The first is the pricing others are using. Checking specifications that are available about other like or substitute products. From both of these companies can adjust or create products that are more competitive and more acceptable for customers. The information gained can also help decide on new ideas or improvements to current products. Human resources can gauge the costs of benefits and the current rate of pay averages and in some cases, exactly for like positions. Research also helps to find customers, services, and organizations that a company may want to deal with or hold membership in. The ...

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A discussion on why and how business research can help a business succeed and how to use needs assessment and methodologies to maintain information flows.