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    Strategic Plan Alignment for MasterCard

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    Prepare an analysis of your plan examining the degree of alignment between the MasterCard Worldwide's proposed published values and:

    - The leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders
    - The internal stakeholders treatment of one another
    - The organization's treatment of external stakeholders
    - The organization's short-term plans
    - The organization's long-term plans

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    // Before discussing the various stakeholders of the company; it is necessary to get a brief knowledge about 'MasterCard Worldwide'. So, this section discusses the company. //

    MasterCard Worldwide is one of the market leaders in the field of commerce, which helps its users complete transactions. The process of making payments has become easier and speedy by its cards. It also provides a high degree of security and value to its customers and other stakeholders. It has its presence in more than 210 countries, where it serves different types of customers, such as individual, institutional and businesses. The business of the company is sped up by providing values to its internal and external stakeholders. These activities help the company enhance its profitability and positioning.

    // The proceeding section discusses the treatment of the managers and leaders with the internal stakeholders. It also explains the treatment of the internal stakeholders with one another. //

    Owners, shareholders, managers and employees are the internal stakeholders. The manager of the company gives enough importance to the internal stakeholders. The environment provided by the managers at MasterCard is ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in about 553 words, APA references. A brief overview of MasterCard is provided, along with a discussion of the internal and external stakeholders and their treatment, how internal stakeholders treat each other, and the company's plan in the short and long term.