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Strategic Control in MasterCard Worldwide

Describe in two or three sentences what mechanisms, if any, are in place at MasterCard Worldwide to address the four areas of strategic control? Indicate which area is least effective? Explain your answer.

The four basic types of strategic control are (a) premise control (b) special alert control (c) strategic surveillance and (d) implementation control.

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//Before writing about the key areas of strategic control, we will write about the mechanisms used by MasterCard for attaining strategic control. We will also write about the four basic types of strategic control. Firstly, we will describe the premise control and special alert control.//

MasterCard is an advanced process of increasing the payment for the transactions. In increasing global business activities, master card is necessary for the smooth flow of all businesses. MasterCard Worldwide has a unique corporate strategy and business model to deliver value to its worldwide customers. MasterCard provides different business models to its different type of customers (MasterCard, 2008).

The four basic types of strategic control in MasterCard Worldwide are as following -

1. Premise control - It is a type of strategic control to monitor the accuracy in the current scenario by collecting the data consistently after identifying the assumptions for the plan. But issue is that which premises and assumptions should be monitored (Premise Control, 2008). Control on the false assumption and premises are also necessary, as it affects the operation of the business. Some false information that the prices of the MasterCard are too high is causing a decrease in the sales of MasterCard Worldwide. To cope with this false premise, MasterCard has to impose a discount for the merchants (Peirez, 2006).

It is an effective area of ...

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The response address the queries posted in 797 words with references.