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    Proposing a theoretical new MasterCard product

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    Please propose a new customer-based product or service for MasterCard Inc. for a new company division. The division should be customer-focused with an innovative mission statement. Ensure that you are differentiating your product or service.

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    MasterCard can come up with many ideas that are consumer-centric that differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The key is to make these ideas profitable. A mission statement can help focus the organization to the goal of profitability. One idea that is already making some headway in the credit card services market is that of pre-paid cards (Douglas, 2014). American Express is looking at making a large play in this segment, as they are typically considered the elite credit ...

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    This solution provides a 220-word suggestion for an innovative theoretical new MasterCard product that is customer-based and uses a creative mission statement to catch the consumer's eye, describing how this product will appeal to a wide demographic of consumers and how this will both consumers and MasterCard.