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    Writing Assignment: Complementary Resources

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    Think about your firm (any type of organization can be used) and other players in the sector. It is possible to gain strategic advantage through technological change but very often the problem arises of lack of key resources to follow through on a chosen strategy. In particular knowledge resources are critical and many firms are seeking to find partnerships, joint ventures and other ways of working closely together with other firms, which can offer complementary resources.

    If your firm wanted to move in a particular new direction, what resources could it bring to the party and where is it weak and needing the support of others? Assuming it needed to access other complementary resources, who should it be looking to partner with? And what do you think would be the likely advantages and disadvantages of such an arrangement

    Try and capture the key points in a simple summary. You might like to use the chart below to help you structure your submission.

    Particular Gaps which your Who might Likely likely
    strengths firm needs to fill you partner advantages disadvantages
    (distinctive with complementary up with - and of doing of doing
    competencies) resources how? this? this?
    of your firm)

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