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    Training required for Total Quality project

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    Identify the training required for employees before embarking upon a Total Quality project/program?

    How does the training for a Total Quality project/program differ from traditional organizational training?

    Why is training important when embarking on a Total Quality project/program?

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    Training will help in managers for developing themselves as well as their subordinates by implementing the QM program effectively. It is not a substitute for development on the job, which comes from doing, experiencing, observing, giving and receiving feedback and coaching. Research has shown that 80% of a person's development takes place on the job. However, training can contribute the vital 20% that makes the difference.

    This training program is different from traditional training programs. Here more focus will be on participative training and change management through training so that people not only accept the TQ program but also can effectively utilizes it. Participation ...

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