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Question about Management and Leadership Skills

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In what specific ways can an individual influence an organization through the quality of his or her management and leadership skills?

What is a significant employee behavior issue that managers confront in the workplace? According to organizational behavior theories, how do you think it should be addressed?

What is the difference between managers and leaders? Is it possible to be an effective manager without being a leader? Provide examples to support your answer.

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This paper would discuss the various issues of organizational behavior, the significant difference, which differentiates the managers and leaders. In order to approach such questions, we would first, discuss as to how the behavior of an employee influences the organization, through his management and leadership skills.

Organizational behavior helps in understanding the behavioral aspects of the employees within the organizational purview. The behavior of the human resources affects the working of the organization. An individual can surely influence the operational activities of a firm with his leadership and management qualities, thereby, contributing in the organizational efficiency.

An individual has certain inherent, as well as, acquired characteristics, which he can optimally utilize to provide his best for the growth and development of himself and the organization.

If an individual is aware of what is expected of him, then through his planning skills an employee helps the organization to focus its energy in the accomplishments of the objectives and goals. Deciding on important issues and then, allocating resourcefully is yet another way as to how employees influence an organization. Management skills such as conceptual, human and technical skills help an employee to analyze and solve complex problems and issues pertaining to the business (Christenstock, n.d.). To add to this, the interpersonal relationship with other employee and motivating them to produce better results affects the organization in a positive manner. The technical knowhow of things and expertise helps the organization to improve transparency in the system because an employee knows the technicalities and therefore, the objectives will be accomplished much easily. Better management and leadership skills mean better working in the organization which in turn, affects the relationship with the customers. Good leadership skills improve the ...

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