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Using the FOCUS-PDCA




1. Your CEO has asked you to put together a team to
improve average time it takes for nurses to answer call lights. The current
time is 5 minutes and your CEO wants to reduce this to 1 minutes. Who would
you choose to be on your team and why?

2. Use one of the quality tools, clarify the understanding of the current process.

A. The Pareto Chart
B. Cause & Effect
C. Check Sheets
D. Histograms
E. Scatter Diagrams
F. Run Charts or Trwnd Charts
G. Control Charts

***I think I understand control charts but I am confused on all of these, but I have to choose one in order to answer # 2.

On the control charts data are plotted just as they are on a run chart, but a lower control limit, an upper control limit, and a process average are added. The plotted data stays between the upper control limit and lower control limit while varying about the center line or average only so long as the variation is the result of common causes such as statistical variation

****Here are my thoughts for Question #1

The persons that I would choose to be in my group are all nursing personel R.N. supervisors, R.N. charge nurse's, LVN's, CNA's, and Ward Clerks. In many hospitials their is a ward clerk on duty who answers the light from the front desk then she either pages the CNA ( certified nursing assistant) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) to answer the call light. In most of the hospitals the R.N. has a phone or pager so if the patient is requesting something for pain she can be called on the phone by the ward clerk. Any one of the persons is able to answer the lights as a team.

Thanks for your Help !!!

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