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    Product Quality Issues

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    Quality from the scientific method to quality management. Describe a couple of examples and then describe a less than positive experience you had with a "not as good product or service" as you expected.

    For this:
    1. Describe the experience.
    2. What were your thoughts as the experience took place - delight, frustration, etc.?
    3. If it were your business, how would you have changed the situation?

    Would like you to describe a couple of examples of quality management and/or scientific approaches to quality-which ever you feel best at answering.

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    I have had a superb experience in respect to quality management, due to my purchase of a Toyota Camry some years ago. The vehicle handled very well, the interior of the vehicle held its integrity for a number of years, with very few stains and or tears, although there was frequent use of the vehicle interior for a number of years. More importantly, the power-train system was flawless for over 10 years, as well as the engine and its components. This experience illustrates the high level of quality management that has been developed and ...

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    The solution describes a couple of examples of quality from the scientific method to quality management.