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McDonald's and Functions of Management

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What functions of management has McDonald's leadership used in order to turn around the company and make it profitable. I have to identify and assess 4 concepts: planning, organizing, leadership, and controlling.

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McDonald`s and functions of management are examined.

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Functions of management at McDonald's:

For any business to be able to operate profitably it needs to implement and execute its core management concepts and strategies effectively in a manner gives it a competitive advantage in the market place. McDonald has been one of the highly growing profitable fast food retailers globally. With operations in 119 countries and more than 33,000 restaurants worldwide with 80% of these franchised, the management needs to perform its management functions effectively in order to sustain the growth and profitability and to stimulate further growth in the company (McDonald's Corporation, 2012). This paper analyzes the functions of management that are been used by the McDonald's leadership to turn make the company profitable.

Functions of management at McDonalds:

There are mainly four functions of management that makes a company able to translate strategy into profitability and enhances a more cohesive organization which helps in fulfilling a company's operating objectives. These are planning, organizing, leading and control (Robbins and Coulter, 2001).


Planning is a function of management which helps in determining exactly where the organization is at presently and the course of action that needs to be undertaken in order to take where it wants to be in the future and how the company's goals and objectives can be attained (Robbins and Coulter, 2001). In this sense therefore planning involves curving out a course of action to be taken based on the available and prospective resources, capabilities and advantages that a company enjoys. At McDonald's it is the management which sets the goals of the organization and what need to be done in order to arrive at these set objectives. These are espoused within the vision and mission statements of the company. McDonald's business objectives as espoused in its vision is to be the favorite place and way of eating for all their customers globally while their courses of action through their missions and their values have been on executing a plan centered on exceptional "customer experience" and through continuously improving their customer's ...

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