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    organizational culture and development plan

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    Prepare an Organizational Culture and Development Plan for McDonald's Restaurant according to the following:
    1. Describe the basic nature of the organizational culture based on the external adaptation and internal integration functions of the company.
    2. Explain how cultural roles; rules, shared values, meanings, organizational myths; and national culture influence the organization's culture

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    McDonald's Organizational Culture and Development Plan:

    Nature of Organizational-based on the external adaptation and internal integration functions of the company:

    Edgard Schein defines organizational culture as the various shared values that individuals within an organization have used to solve their "external adaptation and internal integration problems" that have grown to be associated with the way the organization is viewed and perceived and the way the new individuals joining the organization are shown to think and perceive with regard to these problems. In essence, therefore, it is the phenomenon that surrounds the organization and the way it approaches issues and problems or the shared learning among people within the organization that has accumulated form shared history (Kmetz, 1994).

    In order to understand the nature of McDonald's based on the external adaptation and internal integration functions of the company, it is imperative to understand what the external adaptation and internal integration functions of the company are. The external adaptation functions encompass how the organization is oriented towards the outside environment and how open it is to change and to adapt to issues arising from the external of the organization. Internal integration, on the other hand, encompasses how strong the sense of cohesion is within the organization that unites shared values and goals and the way an organization may fee (Kmetz, 1994), whether "business like" or "family like".

    Analyzing McDonald's openness, and response and orientation to the external environment, it can be noted that the company is open to ...

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