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    Strategic Management and Types of Communication

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    1-How do we communicate our strategic plan? What are ways of communicating? Which ones are working and which ones are not working as well? What type of communication is used at your place of employment? What type will you choose in your created business?

    2-What is organizational culture? Why is it important?

    3-Discuss "Recruiting and developing talented operational leadership".

    These topics may be taken into consideration into your discussions:

    1. Self-awareness
    2. Self-management
    3. Social awareness
    4. Social skills

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    The response address the queries posted in 1344 words with references.

    // As per the requirements of the paper, this section will discuss about communication of the strategic plan to the employees, in the Organization. It will give you knowledge about the way in which the employees should be made aware of the 'Strategic Plan' of the Organization. //


    The paper will focus on explaining the communication of the strategic plan in the organization and the various ways of communication that will be used for it. The paper will also explain about organizational culture in a business unit. It will discuss the recruiting and developing of 'Talented Leadership'. The paper will help in gaining required knowledge about the various ways in which strategic plan is communicated in an organization.

    Communication of Strategic Plan

    The strategic plan in an organization is communicated through 'written' and 'oral' communication. The strategic vision, mission and objectives are orally communicated to the Senior Managers and Middle level Managers and then, it is their duty to communicate it to other 'Managers and Employees'. The whole strategic plan is mailed to everybody in the organization and special sessions are conducted for employees to explain them the plan in a proper manner, after they have read it once. This helps in making them understand the plan in an appropriate manner.

    The 'downward form of communication' is preferred in an organization (Harris & Hartman, 2001).

    // The next section will discuss about various 'Ways of Communication' in an Organization. It will also give you knowledge about which communication way should be used in an Organization and how they help in increasing the social awareness. //

    Ways of communicating

    There are various ways of communication that are used in an organization. They are as described:

    Two- way communication: This is a very effective communicating way that is most often used in organizations. As it is commonly said that employees should be allowed to participate in the organizational activities and decisions; so this is the most useful way of communication. In this type, the employer is able to obtain the feedback of the ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1344 words with references.