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    Quality Management & Productivity

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    Complete the simulation "Quality Management and Productivity" found on the page for Week Four and answer the following questions:

    a. What steps would Seguro take to implement a TQ process, and why?
    b. What is the difference between reorganization and reengineering (give comprehensive examples)?

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    //Before writing about the steps 'Seguro' would take to implement TQ in the process and their rationale, it is essential to know about the Company. One should know about the main operations of the Company, which further will assist in implementing the steps for quality management and productivity.//

    Quality Management & Productivity


    Seguro Corporation is the leading company in the manufacturing computer cabinets. The company is currently using causes & effects diagram, control chart and Pareto chart to provide quality products to the customers (University of Phoenix). In the first stage of implementing a total quality process in the company, it will analyze the rates of defects in the operation of the company. The data will be collected by analyzing the mechanical processes involved in the organization. The collected data will be further analyzed by the analysts to know about the process that should be analyzed further.

    The defects will be divided in major and minor defects because it will help to concern on the major problems in quality management. After analyzing the defective process, the team of analysts can make some recommendation for the solution. They will also provide the pros and cons for the each recommendation. After reaching at a final decision, the management of Seguro can set a strategy for the implementation of the total quality management in the company.

    Total quality is the integration of all the activities to achieve the objectives of the organization. TQ process involves employee empowerment, rewards, team building and quality consciousness. Establishment of quality circles, problem solving group, training facility, delegation of authority is the major parts to implement a TQ process in the organization (Masters). Total quality (TQ) process by the management of Seguro Corporation can be implemented through the following steps -

    //Above is the discussion of the Seguro Corporation and the steps it would take to implement TQ in the process. Now, as per the directions, ...

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