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    Creative Thinker Kaoru Ishikawa:Impact on Organization

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    Select an individual who you believe to be a creative thinker using reading or independent research. What makes him a creative thinker? How does his thinking make a difference in today's environment?

    Write a detailed outline of your selected creative thinker's impact on the organization. Prepare a Powerpoint Presentation accompanied by slides on your creative thinker.

    The individual is Kaoru Ishikawa that I want help with - Thanks!

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    Here you go. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. **PowerPoint is attached.** Good luck!

    Kaoru Ishikawa was a creative thinker based upon his method of seeing concepts in a different way and designing new ways to get better work done. Mr. Ishikawa pioneered quality management processes and was responsible for many of Japan's quality improvement initiatives. He translated and expanded the management of the quality concepts of W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran into the Japanese system, in his role as a professor and member of the quality control research group of the Union of Japanese ...

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    This solution is a detailed outline of Kaoru Ishikawa's impact on organization, and includes a powerpoint. Links are included.