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Use of tools in project management

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The case method is an excellent learning tool, as well as an important assessment instrument. It helps develop your ability to synthesize textbook material and various situational factors.

Read the case study attached and help write a paper explaining whether the right decision was made. Use the focus questions below the case study. Help should be about 2 pages.

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1. How did the tools that Scott's team selected help them to identify the source of the problem?
These tools allowed the team to break down the problems and their causes into manageable parts and also gave a visual representation of what the problems were and how they came about. Then the Pareto chart allowed the team to prioritize the problems with the EIS system for customers. With this information, the team could formulate both better ways to address the problems and the solutions. It also gave them ways to identify how much each problem was causing customer dissatisfaction.

2. Hindsight being 20/20, are there other tools that Scott's ...

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A review of the value of tools using the assignment case study.