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Landscape Project Management: Critical Path

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Given the following project to landscape a new building site.

Activity Immediate Predecessor Activity duration(days) Resources used

A: Get Plants - 2 X,Y
B: Get flowers A 2 X
C: Obtain soil A 3 X
D: Obtain Fertilizer B,C 4 X,Y
E: Select Labor D 3 W,X
F: Set date D 1 W,X,Y

(a) Find the critical path and project duration in days.
(b) Given that each resource is assigned 100% to each task, identify the resource constraints.
(c) Level the resources and determine the new project duration and critical path
(d) Identify what alternative solutions can be used to shorten the project duration and not over-allocate the resources.

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Critical Path Project Management

Poderosa Construction has budgeted $350,000 to build a new clubhouse. They use a mixture of union and nonunion personnel. Grading of the land, electrical, and plumbing work is subcontracted out to union shops. The actual construction of the project, though supervised by union carpenters, is performed mainly by nonunion laborers to conserve costs. Project planning has produced the following chart:

(See attachment)

(a) Use the critical path method (CPM) to calculate the earliest start and finish times for all
activities (forward pass) and the latest start and finish times for all activities (backward pass). (b) Compute the slack time for each activity and identify the critical activities.
(c) Identify all critical path(s). What is the project completion time?
(d) How long can the activity (C): "Hire nonunion labor" be delayed without delaying the
minimum completion time of the whole project?
(e) If activities (D) and (H) are each delayed by 3 days, how long will the whole project be
(f) If activity (K) is delayed by 3 days, how long will the whole project be delayed?
(g) If activity (D) is delayed by 1 day (that is the duration of activity (D) changes from 8 days to 9 days and completion times of all other activities remain the same), how many critical paths do we have now in the whole project? What are they?

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