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    Developing an Implementation Plan

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    Help me describe the steps neccessary to achieve the following:

    ? Develop an approach for estimating project time and cost.
    ? Develop a resource scheduling process.
    ? Analyze the implementation planning process.

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    //Prior to write the steps for developing an implementation plan for a project, it is required to supply some information explaining implementation plan. In the next step, you should define the steps involved in it. I am providing you a sample, which you can understand and write in your own words, as per your requirements. //

    Developing an Implementation Plan

    Implementation plan is a plan that defines scope and goals, scheduled activities and their duration, resources required and actual status of the project. An implementation plan should be brief and contain all the vital information. It should also be based on sound program logic and should be in a language which is easily understood by all i.e. use of technical language should be avoided. There are no concrete steps for developing implementation plan instead step by step implementation will depend on the type of the project. Generally, there are the following steps that help in developing an approach for estimating project time and cost, resource scheduling process and analyze the implementation planning process:

    // Below are the steps of implementation plan, which are very necessary for the completion of a project. Though, these steps depend on project type; here are some general steps: //

    ? Project definition: In project definition step, ...

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