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PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Communicate effectively to achieve project goals by effective listening, effective meetings and project reporting.

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Search the Web for the following:

Effective listening
Effective meetings
Project reports

Identify several helpful techniques

Objective: Communicate effectively to achieve project management goals.

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In any type of communication involves some type of noise. When someone is talking with you, you might have a tendency to start evaluating and making value judgments. This gets in the way of fully understanding the information that the other person is communicating. Effective listening involves clearing your mind and fully concentrating on what is being said. In addition, you respond in a manner that lets the other person know that their message was heard and understood. In a project setting, effective listening insures that goals and objectives or the project are understood and acted upon.

Too bad we can't use the Vulcan Mind Meld. I will send you a copy of my leadership article on this if you wish.

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When I worked for a Fortune 500 I hated meetings. It seemed that all the blowhards would ...

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The comprehensive solution cites a number of sources to demonstrate effective techniques for meetings and reporting. Also included are tips for report writing plus a scholarly article on WRITING EFFECTIVE PROJECT REPORTS.

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