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PEST analysis: Apple

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Based on a public company, help me to comprehend PEST analysis by runing a PEST analsysis on this company. Based on the analysis, what strategic initiative would you recomment and why?

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The company selected for this assignment is Apple. The PEST analysis on Apple is as follows:

Political: Political stability can lead to favorable economic policies in several markets across the globe and thus, enhance opportunities for Apple in such markets. For example, the recent change of government in India has created many new possibilities for offshore firms such as Apple in this highly attractive emerging market. Similarly, political stability and effective policy formulation by government can improve the sentiment in the EU region.

Economic: Apple's revenues and profitability are highly dependent on the economic condition of a country. In the current scenario, economies across the globe, especially in development markets such as USA as well as European Union, are facing tough economic conditions or recovering from long period of recession. Consumer spending has ...

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This solution provides PEST analysis on Apple.

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