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    The Importance of Team Cohesiveness

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    Write an article for the company newsletter about the beneficial traits of a cohesive team. Include the following points:

    * a win/win approach
    * focusing on the problem, not the person
    * open and straightforward communication
    * clear goals
    * crossing of roles because there is interdependence

    Keep it simple and remember who your audience is.

    In your own words

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    Cohesive teamwork is an aspiration to all companies who utilize, or plan to utilize, the team approach in their organizational processes. A cohesive team entails the following beneficial traits, among others:

    1. A win/win approach-It is very important for the team to identify itself by the team as a whole, rather than by each member. For example, when decisions are made, the conclusion is not that "so and so" has decided, but rather that "the team" had decided; even in the case where so and so was in fact the one who came up with the final solution. This type of team work mentally is sure to foster an atmosphere of cohesiveness, where team members identify with the team, rather than an atmosphere of ...

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