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    Southwest and employees

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    1. Imagine that you are a hiring manager at Southwest Airlines. Which two (2) of the Big Five Personality Traits would you look for most in prospective employees? How would you know that these individuals had these traits?
    2. Do you believe that an employee who does not possess those two traits would be happy at Southwest Airlines? Explain your answer.
    3.Imagine that you work at Southwest Airlines and have been asked to develop a set of questions that interviewers will ask all prospective employees during the employment screening process. Come up with three interview questions and explain what exactly you would hope to gain from each question.

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    1. The response might depend on the specific employee being hired, but in general research by Sackett, P. R, Walmsley, P. T. (2014) http://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/minds-business/which-personality-traits-are-most-important-to-employers.html indicates that conscientiousness and agreeableness are the best predictors for success in a job. It would be ...

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    This solution examines employee culture at Southwest via a few specific questions. It also includes discussion about the Big Five Personality Traits.