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Organizational Senior Level Management

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What abilities do you think are especially important for success in senior-level management positions? Can someone with lack of any of these abilities be successful in senior level positions? Why or why not? Describe a success story of a senior level leader.

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The senior level management will require following abilities for success:
1. The Planning and Organizing will be the most important managerial functions at senior levels therefore abilities to form plans, strategies, objectives, goals and organize all activities around the strategic requirements are most important.
2. The conceptual skills are most important at senior level because they are basis to address all organizational critical issues to survive and grow.
3. Inculcate values in Organization.
4. Leading the entire Organization from front.
5. Have a ...

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This solution discusses five abilities required for success in a senior level management position and provides a list of seven others. It also describes a success story of a senior level leader, using the example of Bill Clinton.

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