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    Company Evaluation

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    The assignment:
    Choose to examine a company where you work or have worked. Through interviews and research, explore how the structure and culture of a business interact with the company's strategy to create the level of success the company enjoys. Discuss your findings on each of the key elements we have discussed in this class.

    These are the questions I need answered:
    1. Organizational structure and control - What is the organizational structure and control in place in your organization?
    2. Culture - What is the organizational culture?
    3. Leadership - What is the leadership style in your organization? Critique the leadership approaches in your organization. Evaluate the leadership of a team in the organization as to its effectiveness and organization's success.
    4. Human Nature and Motivation - What kind of motivation is present in your organization? Critique the motivational approaches in your organization.
    5. Decision Making - How does your organization make decisions? Discuss the style and techniques of communication and decision-making found within the organization and how employees are affected.
    6. Strategy - How are organizational strategies developed in your organization? How are strategic initiatives implemented? What effect does this have on the output of the organization? How is strategy expressed through the culture of the organization?
    and how that helps determine the output of the organization
    7. Employee goals and objectives - How and when are employee goals and objectives determined?
    8. How do employees in your organization interact and how that contributes to success and failures of your organization?

    Please include your name and organization name so I can cite you and your organization. Only answer the questions provided. If you have additional reference or knowledge that you don't mind sharing or even if it's an idea of how I can approach this assignment, I would be most grateful. You will be referenced as an interview. Thank you in advance.

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    1. The organizational structure and control in place within this organization is a bureaucratic organizational structure. This entails a strict chain of command structure in which directives are passed down from management to staff, and staff roles are defined and controlled by their managers.

    2. The organizational culture within this company is a constructive culture in which staff members within this organization work together and coordinate activities with other staff members in the achievement of organizational objectives. There is also a steady pursuit of excellence within these organizational culture.

    3. The leadership style within this organization is a democratic leadership style in many respects, due to the fact that although the directives and staff roles are controlled by management, staff members are given a great deal of discretion in how they complete ...

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