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    Organizational Theory Class

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    1 In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.
    2 There is obvious conflict at Astrotech Fuel Systems between Jim McGee and George Phalen. What could each person have done differently to alleviate some or all of this conflict?
    3 Compare and contrast the roles played by politics and power in this case. Discuss how these play out in relation to Jim McGee, George Phalen, Ben short, and Dick Faraday. What power styles did each exhibit in the case?
    4 Considering the department sources of power discussed in the textbook, which one was Phalen trying to establish for the Fuel System operation and how was he going about it?
    **For Question 4, here are the department sources of power that is discussed in the textbook:
    1. Dependency- refers to a department needing or an output from another department in oreder to successfully do its work. An example is that a flight department cannot do its work without a status report on each pilot from the Personnel department.

    2. Financial Resources- are more prized everyday in the organizations and the departments that usually generate them are very powerful. Many times this role is played by the sales department. When times are good and above average returns are generated, other departments may make extra demands for more funds.

    3. Centrality-A source of horizontal power for a department that is engaged in the primary activity of an organization.

    4. Non-substitutability- is a source of power when the role played by a particular department cannot be performed by any other. Due to the knowledge of people in the department, their expertise due to education or training, substitutes are rare or nonexistent.

    5. Coping with Uncertainty- is a strong base of power in today's hypercompetitive environment. A department can diffuse that uncertainty with accurate predictions or obtaining prior information. For example, a new product could be developed that was designed to take advantage of environmental changes or power can be garnered through prevention, somehow stopping an organization from committing an error. The third uncertainty coping method is absorption, moving in after a bad situation has developed and diffusing the overall effect on the organization.

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    1 In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

    Key facts associated with this case is predicated upon the different leadership styles, different objectives and goals regarding time/goal perspectives between AstroTech's Marketing and Production Departments, which were under the control of management that emphasized product quantity over quality. The new engineering manager wanted to change this paradigm and attempted to implement protocols and policies that placed product quality over quantity and new product design. Therefore, the primary priority for the new manager was implementing processes that were capable of ensuring that product quality was in accordance with FAA regulations, which was in contrast with the goal of the Marketing and Production Departments. These departments primarily were concerned with providing a continuous stream of new, innovative products to market in a timely manner. The general manager and plant manager ascribed to the ideology that adhered to quantity over quality, which caused significant and detrimental conflict toward achieving the goals of the new engineering department manager whose primary objective was to implement product designs that met or exceeded quality standards. In essence, the conflict that arose between the general manager and plant manager against the new engineering department manager was placated upon the belief of the general manager and plant manager that their division's failure to show ...

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