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    Managing or Changing Organizational Culture

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    Discuss the importance of managing and/or changing organizational culture to promote high performance in an organization. Provide examples from J.M. Smucker (see online notes) or another organization of your choice. Consider the beliefs and ethical values that shape the culture and influence the behavior of employees. How do great managers foster a culture that helps their firms compete and shows concern for both financial performance and social responsibility? What makes your chosen organization a great place to work?

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    A farmer named Jerome Monroe Smucker in Orrville, Ohio began to sell apple butter in stoneware containers from a horse-drawn wagon in 1897. Each one he container of apple butter he signed the lid to attest to the quality of his product. It was there in 1897 that the ethical values and beliefs of this company began to take shape. You see although the family name is still on the apple butter product the Smuckers family of products has increased to include jelly, jam, peanut butter, coffee, cake mixes and juices just to name a few of the 2100 products in all that brought in around $4.6 billion dollars in 2009 (Gunther, 2010). To go from one product to 2100 absolutely had to include both managing and changing an organizational culture that would promote this type of growth. Certainly it is ...

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    This response looks at the J.M. Smucker organization regarding the belief and ethical values that actually shape and influence behavior of the staff.