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Key Elements to Incorporating A Successful On-Boarding Program Within An Organization

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I need help in creating a 4 min power point presentation about how an employee would evaluate and give feedback about the company on-boarding process. I was thinking of putting together a questionnaire (maybe 10 qs) and have an explanation for each question in case the response was negative, about how I would fix the issue raised.

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On-boarding is valuable operation in the eyes of an organization since its purpose is to help new employees adjust to an organization. It is also important the new employee feels the company's on-boarding techniques are effective in facilitating the process of acclimating to a new environment. Employees who exhibit proactive personality traits tend to acclimate to on-boarding techniques better than those who are not proactive (Erdogan & Bauer 2009). Questions to identify the effectiveness of an organization's on-boarding ...

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This solution summarizes key elements necessary for an organization to implement a successful on-boarding program within their organization.

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