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Performance Appraisals

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What is your experience with performance appraisals? Overall, have you found them motivating, de-motivating, a waste of time, or invaluable? As you answer this question, please give a personal example to illustrate your answer and use one outside reference to enhance and/or support your perspective of appraisals.

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Performance appraisals are fairly rough, whether you are the one getting appraised, or the one appraising. The best format I have experienced is when there is a set form for the supervisor to fill out with fairly cut and dry questions.

For instance, the Dean in our department fills out a form with questions like this:
"Plans for and is well prepared to teach" (rank 1-3 or n/a)
"Provides organized and effective delivery of instruction"
"Courteous and approachable by student"
First from the evaluator observations, than the students are also given an evaluation form to fill out- with about 3 times as many questions. The ranking system is strongly agree to strongly disagree. I am sure you've filled these out before.

In addition, professors are rated by involvement within department and community.

I like this type of evaluation because:
1. The form is written down, available in advance so you know what your supervisor is expecting
2. Everyone in the department is ...

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