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Organization behavior and team work

Read the case in the Organizational Behavior Online Textbook, Chapter 11, Section 6 titled "Herb's Concoction (and Martha's Dilemma): The Case of the Deadly Fertilizer". Please answer the questions at the bottom of that case.

What is the ethical dilemma?
What kind of decision does Martha face?
What are some of the challenges that Martha faces in her decision making?
What recommendations do you have for a company facing this situation?
What should they do to deal with customer complaint?
From the perspective of the management at Herb's Garden Product, what are some of the next steps that could be taken?

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Ethical Dilemma:

Ethical dilemmas normally put individuals within a tough situation where they get torn in between two choices which have a moral consideration. Ethical decision on the other hand involves the act of exploring different aspects which are related top choosing several possible actions according to an organization's moral values and recommending a certain course of action to be carried out. Ethical matrix is an ethical tool which was developed to assist deciders as a group of individuals or as an individual in obtaining judgments on ethical adequacy (Blaga & Cordo, 2011).

What Kind Of Decision Does Martha Face?

From the case study, there are certain decisions which Martha faces regarding the issue of the fertilizer which puts her in an ethical dilemma. Martha is faced with this kind of decision because she is the consumer's affairs officer, meaning that her job specifically required her to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the company's products and services at the same time. On the other hand she also had an obligation of ensuring that a good image of the company was maintained and upheld at the eyes of the customers at the same time.

What Are Some Of The Challenges That Martha Faces In Her Decision Making?

There are certain challenges which individuals normally face when it comes to making an ethical decision. ...

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The Solution assists in identifying the ethical dilemma for the case study: "The Case of the Deadly Fertilizer". It notes some of the challenges faced by the team, recommendations for the company, and approach that the company should use going forward.