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Memo Issues in the Workplace.

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Q-2 Every time you send a direct-request memo to Wanda Jackson, she delays or refuses to comply. You're beginning to get impatient. Should you send Jackson a memo to ask what's wrong? Complain to your supervisor about Jackson's uncooperative attitude? Arrange a face-to-face meeting with Jackson? Bring up the problem at a staff meeting? Explain.

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I would hand carry my next request directly to Wanda Jackson, and explain to her that in the past I've noticed she has tended to delay or fail to comply with requests. I would say this in a pleasant tone and avoid putting Wanda on the defensive. Next, I would ask Wanda if there is a better system to have direct ...

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This solution discusses interaction with Wanda Jackson who continues to delay or refuse to comply to direct request memos from you. It suggests several solutions to this problem.