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Fear Tactics in Management

Please describe what is meant by fear tactics in management.

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Describe what is meant by fear tactics in management

Fear or scare tactics in management describes the worst possible scenarios in the workplace. It is not only dishonest but it is also intimidating. In the case of a company with a labor union, employees are intimidated if management makes them feel threatened with undesirable consequences if they act or speak in support of union representation. Intimidation can result from suggestions that job security will be reduced, or that unions are incompatible with professional responsibility, or that leaders in the unionizing effort are not loyal employees. With this kind of management style, employees feel that they are less worthy of management's respect when they exercise their basic right to union representation and it should be avoided.

Another example of using fear tactics in managing people can be seen in the way Jim Cramer (the adrenaline-fueled host of 'Mad Money') managed his own hedge fund. When one of his employees ...

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