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employee productivity and satisfaction

Discuss what you would do if you were in an environment that you did not find challenging. What would be the difference in your actions if you had a leader that you respected and were willing to do whatever he or she requested versus a situation where the leader was verbally abusive and made things difficult?

From your actions and the discussion that will occur, you will gain insight into what others may do. This can be a valuable insight that you will be able to draw upon when you are in an HR position and have the role of leader and representative of both management and the employees.

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My actions would be quite different if I had a leader that I respected and looked upto as a mentor and guide versus a scenario where leader was abusive, autocratic and made my life difficult.

If my leader was charismatic, supportive and participative, knowledgeable and was someone that possessed all the qualities of a good leader, I would certainly be willing to work together with him to resolve the situation and make my job more interesting and challenging. I would certainly be open to hearing his ideas and suggestions and will work patiently under his guidance and mentorship to gain more knowledge and challenging opportunities for personal development in the organization. In simple terms, I will give this situation one more short to make things work under an effective leader.

I will openly communicate my issues and grievances with him and seek his advise and opinion as I will sincerely believe that he will guide me in the right direction and will help me in achieving my career goals. I am sure that he will be a good listener and pay ...

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Discuss factors affecting employee productivity and satisfaction