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Dialogue for negative employee interview

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I can give a general outline of the dialogue, but you will need to put in the specifics from the steps listed.
M - manager S - Sandy

M: Thank you coming in this morning.
S: Of course, the boss calls, you come running.
M: You have been with us for six weeks and we review after 90 days probation before we hire someone. This six week check up is sometimes necessary when the company policies are not clear to the new employee or other problems arise. It gives us a chance to address problems and correct them through more training or just giving you information.
S: I appreciate that.
M: The last couple of weeks we have found some problems with your ability to complete work in a satisfactory manner. Since you have been in the job for a relatively short time, it can become overwhelming. The issues with the lost purchase order and this week the evaluation form are company related and we have a policy manual for you to re read to assure yourself of proper and timely handling of issues. The incident with the customer is not acceptable behavior by anyone, especially our sales personnel department who are our front line with customers. Could you give me a little ...

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A basic written dialogue for use with given facts of negative performance by employee. Dialogue seeks to remain positive, informative, and offer help in improving employee performance.