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Client and Customer Partnerships and Alignment - Analysis

Consider the times when you have personally created alignment and partnership with a client or times when you watched in awe when someone else managed to build alignment and partnership with a difficult client. Describe the situation and the key factors that the other person aligned in order to create partnership. Include a brief review of what techniques were used to identify the alignment, communicate it and bring down barriers to partnering with that client.

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There have been numerous times that I have sat in awe as I watched other co-workers handle some very difficult clients. The keys to th eir success was their keen ability to recognize the problem with the client and then remain focused on some key points to help negotiate the client back into good graces.

The situation that comes to mind most vividly was Joe. Joe and I were both up and coming sales managers with a talent for ...

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A case analysis for creating alignment and partnerships with difficult customers in APA with references.