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Buying Behavior in Marketing

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Buying Behavior

Marketing call for businesses to understand how people buy things, so let's take a moment to examine how we went about buying two things. You choose which , but try to reflect on the process.

One purchase should be something you regarded as very important, where making the right choice was important for you. The other should be something less important, or even fairly unimportant.

Describe and contrast the two.

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The important decision, for my laptop.
I work on my laptop, full time, and with two different jobs. It has to be reliable, able to handle a lot of data, and approximately eight open windows at any given moment. It also has to be able to hold programs for office work, music, photography, and government agencies. I am also impatient, so I has to be fast. My old computer was having issues, to I needed to get one sooner rather than later.
I began by eliminating all the product brands I do not like. Then I narrowed it down to a search of the products of HP, Toshiba, and Dell. I wanted to look at Apple to, but eliminated them because of the cost and some issues with some programs my friends use. From the chosen list I narrowed ...

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Buying behavior and marketing is examined.