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    Provide guidance on a process that could be reviewed by the Executive team that, as an employee leaves, ensures that each position is not filled until a careful review is made to either fill or leave a position vacant.

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    The organization consists of both an educational component and restaurant component. The company must reduce its staff due to poor enrollment, financial performance, and cash flow.

    The organization has already layed of staff, has elected that any individual who leaves to attrition must be reviewed before a replacement will be made by the President, CFO, COO, VP of Education, and HR Director.

    The more positions the organization does not fill the less people potentially will not be layed off in the future. All parties believe cuts have been deep enough and could impact our ability to provide good service for our students and guests.

    I am in this problem the CFO, and believe cuts good be deeper. We need to improve upon productivity, and better utilize our technology.

    I am looking for guidance on a process that could be reviewed by the Executive team that as an employee leaves, that each position is not filled, until a careful review is made to either fill or leave a position vacant. We need both a long term, and short term plan to get back on track. In the short-term, we must take advantage of natural attrition. Most of the executive team lack the creativity to streamline process, and improve upon productivity. Basic tools, or forms, maybe helpful in collectively agreeing on filling positions as they come open. A system needs be developed that eliminates bias, creates fairness in the decision, and ensures the misssion statement is obtained, "being the hands-on leader in delivery culinary arts education" Any insight to this complex organization problem is appreciated.

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    Workforce planning requires anticipating the future workforce needs of the organization and the most feasible way to attract and retain the best talent for the positions.

    The broad goals of our strategies should be:

    ? Mainstreaming employment equity by including its considerations in all human resource practice
    ? Removing the barriers, including unfair discrimination, from existing human resource practices in the organization

    Short-Term Plan
    When a position is vacant in our organization we must investigate the feasibility and desirability of funding the taking up of positions by new recruits before the outgoing staff members leave. So that we can create low risk structured opportunities for new recruits to learn on the job. We can use natural attrition as an alternative to a retrenchment strategy when our organization needs to reduce its workforce so that we can benefit from it. Because if we need personnel reductions in the future, these forced reductions may cause a decline in employee confidence. It is more feasible to arrive at an appropriate number of personnel just by natural attrition so that we can eliminate this problem.
    We can also consider temporary re-hiring of our retired personnel as an alternative recruitment method in the short term since it can put our veteran workers' skills back to practical use. During the selection and appointment process we must ensure that all of our practices are included in the relevant mainstream HR policy and procedure documents. For example selection committees must consist trained and diverse representatives of all relevant stakeholders. Our performance management core teams can conduct a review of job descriptions for clarity and completeness regarding task, ...

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