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Individual's Learning and Growth is Dependent Upon Organization's Structure and Practices

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To what extent is the individual's ability to learn in the workplace dependant upon the organization's structure and practices?

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The extent for a person's individual's ability to learn in the workplace is dependent upon the organization's structure and practices are important. A person has to want to come with an open mind to get trained in any field of his or her choosing, such as engineering or building an airplane. However, this cannot occur unless he or she has a supportive staff that is willing and able to make a difference by empowering him or her in that process. The chain of command is crucial at this point. For example, the supervisor may or may not teach him or her how things work with the business, but policies are generally stressed at orientation (if one does exist); however, the next person in line is a coworker who would teach the employee the ways and means of how it all works through showing the person what needs done on a daily basis, sometimes hour per hour. None of this is easy for anyone because the other person who is teaching him or her may not get their tasks done for the day due to helping the new employee. Also, management would not get pleased if either failed in their tasks with how classical leadership is prominent in at least 90% of businesses today.

For example, say the person lives and works at a Fast Food Restaurant, and let us say that it is McDonald's. When he or she is hired to work as a part of the crew, they have to go through extensive training and cross-training in order to understand their current field, so that needs are met when orders are taken from customers on a daily, hourly, weekly and monthly basis. In this case, either the supervisor, employee or both ...

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This solution discussed an individual's learning and growth is dependent upon the organization's structure and practices.

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